Need help understanding an error thrown from safe_app.dll

OK, thanks for the quick follow up. That is good news.
You have already found a discrepancy with that. So, I should get 0.6.0. to be on the same level, and just 100% confirm that is not related.
And then probably switch out the native bindings I implemented, to rule out (or home in on) that part. (Would still need to add a few methods that were not implemented in the MaidSafe version I think.)
With latest version, the maidsafe native bindings, and the stripped down mock writer, any errors still persisting would seem to me is not related to either of the code bases.

You are probably warmed up now, but I think that you shouldn’t need to spend time on the other steps before I have done the above. Unfortunately I will not be able to sit with it for a while, very intense work load right now.

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Ok @oetyng, fair enough. I added a couple of additional steps anyway which create an ImmutableData and it then insert its address into a random private MD.
I created a PR with this branch so you (as anybody) are very welcome to comment on it as well if you like:

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