.NET Tutorial - Creating an Account

Step 3 of the C# tutorial (https://hub.safedev.org/platform/dotnet/) entails creating an account. How do I do that? All I see is this


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Ah @JeromeBell that tutorial is setup to work with and connect to the Alpha 2 network which we took down a couple of weeks ago after 2 years of service, it will no longer work. Apologies for any wasted time on that, we did sweep through the website and we actually removed the links to the tutorials, but maybe you had it bookmarked? If a link still exists please direct me to where you found it :slight_smile:

Our intention is to add/update tutorials but it makes no sense to do so right now as we are changing the network rapidly as we move towards Fleming release, so we will wait until it settles down so nobody wastes their time.


PS see Alpha 2 takedown notification in November 7th dev update

Thanks for the feedback! At this point in time, should I bother to start learning how to create dApps, or should I wait for the Fleming release?

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Hey @JeromeBell, it’s wonderful to see devs building dApps on the SAFE Network and since the C# is my favourite programming language, I’m very excited to help you with your project.

As @StephenC mentioned the tutorials are for the Alpha-2 Network and we took that down. Also, the APIs used in the tutorial are older and now deprecated. But the good news is you can develop the apps with the new APIs. We released our first preview MaidSafe.SafeApp NuGet package for the .NET development which provides support for the new APIs.

You can check the test projects in the safe_app_csharp repo on GitHub to see how you use different APIs to perform different operations on the SAFE Network.

Thanks for the feedback! At this point, should I bother to start learning how to create dApps, or should I wait for the Fleming release?
Yes, you should definitely start learning now then you will have some finished nice apps on fleming or future network launch.

If you have any questions or you need any help with your project, I’m also present and it will be great to collaborate.


There’s a link to the tutorial @ https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_app_csharp, under the “Documentation” section.

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Readme now updated to remove tutorial links, thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

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@ravinderjangra, how can I contact you directly? I have a few questions. My goal is to create a Nuget package repository based on MaidSafe.

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Hey @JeromeBell, you can DM me on the forum directly and for the further collaboration, I can provide you the contact details for any suitable communication and collaboration platform.

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Perhaps asking questions publicly would be with benefit to other developers.

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Cool, what’s your Discord?

We don’t have a public Discord channel so for chat I suggest returning to the developer chat on Riot.im https://matrix.to/#/#safenetwork-dev:matrix.org

Actually, we do have one :slight_smile:

It’s linked to our Matrix/Riot channels and Telegram groups. See the SAFE Network Chats topic.