New category for community projects

Hi, would it be appropriate to have a category for community projects? A place to show what we are working on and ask for feedback. Or should we use this forum exclusively for subject directly linked to the network itself?


Good question.

I’m thinking this is a place for developers working on SAFE related stuff, rather than just the core itself.


I agree. Anything development related to safe should be hear, IMO. Technical questions (nod answers) about their implementations are bound to bubble out of that too.


My concern is that having a category called “projects” would be too vague. Could you give an example of what kind of topics you have in mind?

What kind of feedback? If you’re looking for developer feedback about something you’re building using Launcher API, feel free to post about it in #launcher:api.

Also, I just enabled tags, so feel free to add tags such as “project”, “example”, “demo”, “tutorial”, etc.

This forum can be used not just to discuss the core libraries, but also the Launcher API and other general development topics :slight_smile:

I think #launcher:api should be used when we have specific question about the API. I would call it apps like the one on Apps would be used to announce alpha/beta/launch of an app, ask for feedback(UI, design, code style, etc), find partners for a projects, apps update to keep other dev in touch with how a project is going, etc.

EDIT: I would also suggest to give a broader definition to the general category to include anything related to the development of Safe apps. It would be a good place to ask question about licensing for example or question about a programming language. In other word, it would be a place to talk about the whole SAFE development ecosystem at large.


Yes, I agree it would be useful to have a category for these kinds of topics. I just created a new category called Apps.

What do you mean by “announce alpha/beta/launch of an app”? Why should devs announce an app on the Dev Forum instead of using the #apps category of the SAFE Network Forum? I think it could make sense if they specifically want feedback from other developers, but if it’s just a general topic to announce their app, I think it’s probably better if they create a topic on the SAFE Network Forum (where more people will see it).

I can see how it would make sense to announce early versions of an app (e.g. alpha or even beta) on the Dev Forum, but I think we should make it clear that the Apps category should be used for technical discussions, not just for promotion and getting feedback from users.

I added the following description:

Technical discussion about apps that use the #launcher:api.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Sure, I just changed the description to this:

Technical discussion about anything that is related to the development of the SAFE Network or to the development of Apps that use the #launcher:api.

Is that better? :slight_smile:


Sounds perfect, thanks!


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