New Video & Blog Post: Dynamic Membership

Hi all - we’ve put out a new video and blog post that should be of interest to everyone. If you’ve been following the project, you’ll know that a significant step in the road to the release of SAFE-Fleming is the integration of PARSEC into the Routing layer (the ‘brains’ of the Network, if you like).

As we explain, being open and permissionless is crucial for the SAFE Network - and dynamic membership in this context explains how the Network can still guarantee that the nodes on the Network will agree on the order of events that have taken place and how to share those details with new nodes as they join.

We show an example which you can run for yourself (head along to in order to see graphs that will illustrate what’s going on. The example shows exactly what happens as each round of gossip is generated and how different nodes then take this information to arrive at the same sequence of stable blocks - despite the fact that nodes are constantly being added and removed.

Hopefully this will answer a few questions. So please feel free to comment, share and let us know what you think!