Payment for Developers

How exactly do dApp developers get paid? According to and, developers collectively get paid 10% of all SafeCoin and individually according to their app’s/website’s usage. Exactly how is the usage tracked? Can we have a thorough and detailed explanation of how developers get paid? This could be a massive incentive for open source developers, no infrastructure costs AND a way to get paid! But I know the devil is in the details, so can we get those details? Thanks!

In essence the developer is paid in a similar way to how farmers are paid.

When the APP is accessed the farming causes the developer to be paid an amount equivalent to 10% of the amount the farmer is paid. If the farming reward is “X” then the farmer get X for retrieving the chunk and the developer will get X/10.

As @rob says, although details aren’t finalised I can add that payment is optional, that the developer will be able to nominate a wallet (anonymous address) to receive payments for access to their app.

The mechanism may be based on access to the app code itself, or could be based on storage purchased through the app. I think the former is simpler so likely to be first choice, but until we get to test the ideas out in practice (and others like paying rewarding content produces - search the community forum for PtP or ‘pay the producer’) it isn’t possible to tie down all the details.

As you say, this is a biggie :smile: and I hope can both incentivise and reward beneficial contributions to the network and all its stakeholders.

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