Plenti - a static site generator and CMS with Svelte front end

I’ve just discovered Plenti, posting it as it sounds like another option for Safe and uses Svelte although presumably works more like a CMS from this description.


That looks really cool!

We were actually having a discussion during the week about the need for a documentation system that would be easy to update for both MaidSafe staff and the community, so easy that documentation was actually kept up to date (having to raise GitHub PRs can be a bit of a barrier for some). Somewhere to host a site such as the dev-hub, or even the primer.
It will be interesting to see this “Coming Soon” editing on the page feature they mention, I wonder how that will work in practice.

We mentioned systems like Gitbook, Docusaurus and Squidfunk as possibilities. If anyone has any other suggestions then feel free to share recommendations.