Private Network

Is it possible to run a non public instance of the safe network for use as a distributed database in an open source application. I am currently working on a portfolio project that would benefit from the application of this type of storage and as far as I can tell this is possible, as Identillect appears to have developed a commercial implementation for their own use. I’ve been through the various child repos and they all appear to rely on the main public network, and though mocks are available, I don’t think they would meet my needs even in such a limited application.

Edit: mispelled company name, now with reference

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Yes it is possible. We’ve run community networks in the recent past and it is easy enough to restrict access. It had a requirement to have an invite in order to make an account.

If you have the ability to control the network the vaults are on then you can restrict any access to the data as well.

Without an account the only data that be accessed is public data.

thank you very much, are there any previous implementations’ source online?

Previous implementations used the current version at the time. I doubt there are any sources available apart from github

One way to achieve this is to run your own single shared vault and have all clients connect to that. This is effectively what we have now, so that might remain a configuration option, or might be possible to revert to with relatively small code regression. I don’t know more, but that’s what is be looking into.