Problem when using safeApp.authorise() function on Peruse dev browser

Hi guys!! This is my first post so let me first applaud your efforts in making this amazing product :smiley:

I’m facing an issue here I downloaded the latest peruse dev browser 0.5.1 for linux and I’m running Ubuntu 16.04.
I use these commands to start the browser from terminal:

  1. export NODE_ENV=dev
  2. ./peruse --mock
    The browser successfully launches in mock routing mode but when I try using SAFE web API playground and use safeApp.authorise() function it works for the first time and I get a popup to accept or decline the permission.
    But after I refresh the page and do that again it just keeps on loading the circle and nothing happens even if I try it on other local websites the safeApp.authorise() function does nothing. When running the browser without mock routing this problem does not occur. Thanks in advance!!


I’m going to close this one here as it’s replicated here:

Auto authorise auth permission request