Proposal: an ontology for SAFE Network

This is already underway through the work on RDF PoC APIs and apps by @bochaco and @joshuef, and probably others, but starting to read this article made me think it would be good to highlight the value of this and open it up for discussion.

Nothing like a little competition to stimulate activity, this Ethereum RDF ontology may also be a good source of ideas for SAFE.


It might be useful for example for transactions,if you turn on the ledger bit so it stores a receipt of a transaction,then having an rdf representation could be useful for making it easily queryable and to combine with other data.

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Nice docs generator.
I’d love an educational resource like Ethon for SAFE network.

I’ve been thinking about namespaces that we reference such as the RDF schema, RDFS, OWL, DBPEDIA, and DCMI (Dublin Core).
At the moment we’re referencing HTTP IRI’s, which are fine as no one is building inference engines yet but when that need arises, does the community manually import these resources to the network, such that dereferencing safe://dbpedia/resource/Pluto would be possible?
Or do we reach out to those organizations with a nice CLI tool and incentivize them to upload their datasets to SAFE network?


If there’s a nice CLI tool then those organizations can be asked if they want to upload and maintain datasets on the SAFE Network, but in the beginning, not everyone will see the need for that and the community could use the same tools to upload the datasets. Maybe official versions of datasets on SAFE will come once they see people are using ones imported by the community.

Dbpedia and wikidata are core datasets that could be very useful to have available and both are available as RDF dumps.

The whole linked open data cloud would be great to have available on the SAFE Network.