Proposal for new categories



Hey everyone,

@frabrunelle and I are thinking it could be a good idea to reorganize the categories of the SAFE Dev Forum in the following manner:

{edited DG - removed outreach and community apps section after review}


Technical discussion about anything that is related to the development of the SAFE Network or to the development of SAFE Network apps.


Topics relevant to the SAFE Network developer community.


Topics about existing and potential SAFE Network RFCs.


Tutorials related to the development of the SAFE Network or to the development of SAFE Network apps.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


A category exclusive to members with trust level 3 and higher.


Private category for MaidSafe staff. Useful for discussing drafts.


Topics about the SAFE Network API libraries (Node.js, Web, Rust, etc.).


Topics about the Authenticator API.


Topics about the NFS API.


Give feedback about the SAFE Network API.


Get help with anything related to the SAFE Network API libraries (Node.js, Web, Rust, etc.).


Topics about the SAFE Network core libraries.


Topics about the Crust library.


Topics about the Routing library.

SAFE Client Libs

Topics about the SAFE Client Libs (Authenticator, SAFE App and SAFE Core).


Topics about the Self-Encryption library.


Technical discussion about apps that use (or plan to use) the SAFE Network APIs.


Topics about the Authenticator.

SAFE Browser

Topics about the SAFE Browser.


Topics about SAFE Vault.

Example Apps

Topics about the SAFE Network example apps.

By putting more emphasis on topics that are related to the SAFE Network API and by having a support category just for issues related to the SAFE Network API, we think we will be able to provide better support to developers.

Also, by having less top-level categories, it should make it easier for developers to choose the right category when creating a new topic.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions :slight_smile:


That could work but perhaps is a SAFE-centric structure?.. that throws up a simple hurdle to understand the form before engaging?

I wonder developer-centric structure would appeal directly to skillsets, without then need for thinking and which then might help draw in noobs who know a little or enough to be useful.

Perhaps language orientated subforums, which perhaps also would be easy to link and overlap in other dev orientated forums, which tend that way. So, /java can link into Andriod with topics like Gradle and core focus on safe_app_java. /rust making use of devs interest in rust and engaging with safe_core etc. /node+javascript appealing to those with knowledge of those. Those could then be easily advertised in other of the same language forums and share kinds of problem more easily.

This with a thought the character of SAFE should eventually be transparent… so, just another developer forum, rather then the structure of the network.

If SAFE was just a product, then I’d opt for the OP but given its ambition to be everything, perhaps everything comes to the fore?.. or perhaps it can evolve from the OP to that over time as contributions help define the real areas of focus.



I agree there needs to be a logical place to start. I’d suggest a Beginners or Basics or HowTo category which could take in the /tutorials subcategory together with programming language-specific subcategories as you suggest. So that would be five categories instead of four. What about the top navigation bar? Are you planning on leaving as is?


I was just thinking the same thing. “Beginners” keeps with the same theme as the community forum, and it is nice to have consistency.


Similarity can also create confusion. For example, remembering which forum you saw a post on might be more difficult if both have the same categories, so “Getting Started”, “Basics” or something like that might also be worth considering.


Yes, very good. :+1:


“Getting Started” is good. I think “Basics” is perhaps slighly better as a general-purpose place for prerequisites and essential info, but I’m not particularly bothered either way.


I think the naming subforums matters little, with the discourse forum presenting all core topics as one recent list. If there’s a way to suggest the intent or interest in usage of SAFE, perhaps that helps. The OP list then as good as any for now. Mobile applications; and network level; and other levels of focus, perhaps will arise over time relative to the posts and core threads.