Proposal (SAFE Browser): link to immutable objects

I propose that the SAFE Browser can be able to directly access immutable objects.

<img src="safe-obj://83274hdhdjshfk" />

In this way, we can use immutable objects rather than files - which is much SAFE and better.


  1. Easy sharing: Did you see an image / js library that want to have on your website? Just copy and paste the immutable name. No need to copy the file. No need to link to an external source. No risk of having it removed or changed (help to prevent CORS attacks).

  2. Economical and simple: You don’t need to download libraries and store them locally. You don’t need to spend money saving the same content locally as a file. The final website will have fewer files to deal with. It simplifies the website making process. It’s like to use CDN based libraries instead of local copies.

  3. It’s THE SAFE way to do things: it promotes this SAFE feeling that public files are universal, immutable, accessible by everyone, owned by no-one, protected from changes. This can only be achieved in a SAFE network, not in the current web.

  4. Indexable: it will be easier to search engines index images / videos / pdfs / files. Engines will know if a file was already indexed, they will know how popular a file is (file backlinks), they will know how many (and which) pages have a specific file. It will be easier to not show duplicate files and to track them.

Also, the browser becomes an immutable viewer. No extra tools required to inspect and view immutables. Just need to type the immutable name in the URL bar.


Also, with memorable names, we can have things like this:

<img src="safe-obj://kicks.pasta.steer" />

Which is much better than a 512-bit random string.


Your proposal, is not similar that this RFC?