Public name discovery and transience

Is a mechanism provided by SAFE whereby registered public names may be identified, either by API request or event stream subscription?

Will registrations of public names now persist into SAFE’s release? If not, when will registrations be permanent?

the fetch APIs are what you are after. (eg safe dog and safe cat in the CLI, will return info on a given safe:// url).

Likely not. Until we’re away from alpha/beta, (or until the network is declared stable), all data may be wiped with any test net.

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Is it possible, or planned to be possible, to enumerate all registered public names?

Is it possible, or planned to be possible, to receive an event stream of public names as they are registered?

No to both! [twenty chars]

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As @happybeing notes, nothing is planned on this front yet.

It could theoretically be possible to trigger some event when a given type tag is created I suppose. Though how/what/why is another question.

And that would just be one naming system. There exists the potential to create your own naming system on the network using another system.