Reimplementing SAFE Browser [more] natively with Rust

Re: Consider using Rust-based Tauri instead of Electron for SAFE Browser I’m pleased that directly utilizing a rendering engine and eliminating the overhead of any Electron-type hosting infrastructure is considered.

Reimplementing SAFE Browser [more] natively with Rust is something I’ve thought about, and naturally with Servo as @joshuef mentioned primarily in mind. It’s a project I may be interested in undertaking.

Irrespective of who does the work, and indeed there should be multiple browsers, this topic can help facilitate it.

Basic expectations:

  • SAFE GUI browser-styled application, written with Rust, implementing support for web stack tech.
  • SAFE API is available for web apps to utilize in addition to web stack API.
  • Web apps written with JavaScript would be supported however the target developer experience is primarily Rust->wasm web apps.
  • Implemented first as a separate project that may eventually replace the official browser, or not.
  • Free & open-source licensed codebase.

I welcome and appreciate any pointers to pertinent docs, guidance, and thoughts.


My thoughts and I am 100% sure the team feel the same is go for it. Make your crate open and I am sure you will get lots of contributors. When any of us have time we will help out, we have a pretty good CI/CD setup now and can also help there as well.

I would love to see apps created by others and probably endorsed by maidsafe or the community (better) in some fashion.


Wholeheartedly agree. This is a great initiative :+1: and i’d happily contribute to it!

Something we have in mind (or I have in the back of mine), is replacing some of the js based logic (generating of HTTP compatible response bodies + codes ) with rust implementations that could be used in a variety of apps (or… a different browser, say).

Standardising that’s something I’d definitely like to dig into at some point. But that’ll be after we get the at2 impl finalised I think.


The interest in the project is pleasing, and thank you for the encouragement. In the first half of September I’ll experiment and share my initial findings.