RELEASE: C# API Update for .NET mobile and desktop development

Today we’re launching an updated C# API and new tutorials for .NET development on the SAFE Network. With this updated API you can build desktop and cross-platform mobile applications plus new tutorials are available to walk you through desktop and mobile development.

What’s in the release?

Building a DApp using the .Net tutorial

Using the tutorial links below, you can now build a simple DApp for the SAFE Network in C# and authenticate to the Network.

API Documentation

To build quality decentralised applications, it helps to have good documentation to guide you. So, in addition to the existing Node.js API and recently released Java API documentation, we’ve updated the C# API documentation as well.
See it here:

SAFE Authenticator for Mobile

The SAFE Authenticator enables users to create an account & authenticate themselves to the SAFE Network. It gives users full control over the permissions they grant to SAFE DApps (decentralised applications) on their mobile device.
Before installing the Authenticator Mobile (Android)

  • If you have the older version installed already, remove this first.
  • Make sure your phone/device has permission to install third-party apps.

Downloading the Authenticator Mobile (Android)

You can get the SAFE Authenticator App (currently proof-of-concept) from the GitHub Repository.
Note for iOS: You can build the authenticator for iOS from the GitHub repository.

Getting connected to the Network

It’s important to ensure you’ve registered your IP address in order to access the SAFE Network (Alpha-2). If you haven’t already then here’s how you do that:

  • Log in to the Forum on your normal browser (you’ll need to have Basic Trust Level 1).
  • Visit
  • Click on the SAFE Network logo.
  • Select ‘Alpha 2’.
  • Update your registered IP (if it doesn’t match the Current IP listed)
  • Copy and paste the invitation token into the Invitation field on the Authenticator.
    • this step is only required when creating an account to begin with.

Please note that this is a copy of our original post over on the main SAFE Network Forum.



Hi all,

Has anyone had an opportunity to get their teeth into the .NET tutorial(s) yet?

Would be nice to hear your impressions.