Request for extending the PUT limit

Hi, I’m getting dangerously close to the limit, 495/500. After that I’ll have to create a new ID. Which will mean I won’t be able to update my apps and will have to duplicate them and change all links to the current version. It’s not dramatic but it’s inconvenient.

I don’t know if you can update the vaults during the alpha. If not then it will have to wait for alpha2. But if you do, it would be useful if the limit was extended.



or perhaps special access accounts given to trusted devs with extra PUTs? Avoid spam during tests while still letting people develop


Bumping this to see what’s the plan for PUT limit going forward. I’m also curious to hear if you have any PUT usage statistics, that would be quite interesting to see.

EDIT: Actually, statistics about all around usage of the network would be quite interesting to see. I don’t know what kind of data you guys can have on the network but if you can share them I think many people would be curious to see how the network is doing.


Hi David :slight_smile:

We can’t change the PUT limit on existing networks. They’re part of the compiled vault binaries. The PUT limit is just a temporary mechanism until safecoin is implemented. It’s there to prevent people from flooding the network with data. I agree it’s inconvenient for app developers, but currently we wouldn’t be able to change it even if required.

As for upcoming networks (e.g. Alpha 2), we’ll have to see how the testnet tests go and base numbers on that. It also depends on hopefully us not running all the nodes (if other people are also running nodes, the network would be able to support more storage space).

The stats we have are just for debugging. On a live network, we don’t want to and we wouldn’t be able to collect any network stats (we’ll have the number of downloads on GitHub and things like that, but we won’t have any stats about the network itself since we’ll only be running a small fraction of the nodes).

Here are the current stats for Alpha 1:

Unique Client Accounts: ~5013
Network Client Sessions: Current - 36 . Total - 37001
Total Unique Data: 23797 MB. (190376 MB with replication)
GET requests handled: 12956259 (does not include cache responses)
PUT success responses: 240469 (cumulative - 1923752)

There is a lot to consider with this one and it might be way off.

  1. It’s success responses, so storing the same chunk twice will incur a charge and give a success response. It doesn’t actually mean that a new chunk is stored.
  2. Cumulative is the number logged from the sum of all vault logs. We just divided that by 8 (group size) to estimate the actual number of unique success responses. It doesn’t equal to the total account storage counts (it needs to be considered as an estimate).

So just assuming 5013 client accounts equally split with PUTs, the average PUTs are about 48 PUTs per account out of the 500. We don’t log individual account stats.


Thanks for sharing these @frabrunelle, those number looks pretty good. 13 mil GET request when there isn’t much content on Safe yet suggest quite a few people are playing with the API, that’s good news. You guys should publish these number once Alpha 1 is over on the main forum, I’m sure a lot of people will find these interesting. Keep it up!


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