[RFC] Public Name System: Resolution and RDF

In most contexts they’ll probably say website, yeah. Or web address.

But… what if I want to create a website, and host it somewhere, and create an address for it? What might I need? How might I describe the thing that I need? What might I call that thing that would make up the address of the site I’m making, and also be used to send messages to me, and as an email, and might be used to for a username etc?

What if I’m confronted with the requirement to create this entity when I’m opening a SAFE account, how might it be described to me in a way that I can relate to it, and understand all the ways that I can and might need to use it on the network?

This is the task of language for UX.

If there is a term that does this well, and has the lowest friction, and also happily sits well with the technical underpinnings of the network, then splendid! But we won’t find out which it is by just arguing about it on a dev forum.

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:point_up_2: (was meant as support for @rob s ‘just call things what they are’ - in this case safe names or safenetwork names or sha-names or… But not Domains which is misleading… )

Website address / website name

On the internet then it is required to be a domain name in technical speak.

In people speak it is what name will I have for my website.

On SAFE then people will simply say what name do i want for my safesite.

I am over 60 and used domain names since they were used. And for SAFE domain is so foreign that it hurts my brain to hear people even considering that domains is even suitable for SAFE. Even your slang definition showed it as inappropriate with it being Authority and control system that gives you permission to use a name as long as you PAY for it. Domains == PAY the authority each year or they will take it from you

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My dudes… just take a look at the length of this thread.

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Exactly my point and why I will try to stay out of this again…

And you are coming across as hand waving genuine concerns that Maidsafe devs want in the end to just use domain names instead of what is right in front of your eyes. safe name, or safenetwork name or safesite name

Non geek people are already doing that with the current internet and do not use domain names anymore than they use “myspace”

94% of geeks in this topic did not choose domain name system

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… And I don’t see a point in investing lifetime into a discussion that just exists to justify a decision that more or less has been made anyway… (feeling reminded on the annoying encoding discussion that has consumes way too much of my lifetime… )

Wouldn’t it make way more sense to discuss this in the main forum anyway if you want to get the opinion of ‘more or less regular people’ and not only developers…?

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No, actually I saying quite the opposite. I’m saying let’s keep an open mind, let’s think of the end user first and foremost, and let’s find a way of testing so that we can have confidence in the decisions we are making.

I think we’ve been pretty accommodating and open wouldn’t you? We are all sharing our opinions, and having them listened too, are we not?

Given that most of this chat stemmed from the fact that folk somehow were squeamish about PNS (which is pretty inconsequential in the scheme of things.) I don’t think you can say that. TBH if the PNS thing hadn’t be brought up, we’d have probably just continued in calling them public names.

I was really responding to the statement that a 1. people didn’t care about the name (not true) 2. a democratic process wasn’t desired (also don’t think thats true) and 3. that simple, understandable, non-misleading names for new technology with a massively diverse user base can be created in just an hour of someones time.

Sorry that is not my opinion, name is important and why choosing an inappropriate name is very important not to do. Unless you want SAFE to just appear to be the current internet in people’s minds by using the geek names - domains

I didn’t get this impression that people didn’t want to have a democratic process.

Which is why we should drop inappropriate names when shown to be so and consider more appropriate when suggested.

But we have the trend on the internet that the non-geeks have spoken they do want to use the term domain names and are using names like website name, website address, email address, and so on.

SAFE is simple for the user so there is no reason not use use simple names/terms/concepts so that the tech uneducated do not need to learn special definitions to understand how to access a safesite.

My suggestion is something like safename for how to refer to a name in the safe network. A name can be used for all sort of things, and so for a safesite it might be qualified and referred to as a safesite name or safenet address. For mail it could be safemail name. Address is not really legit for mail in SAFE since there is no address and its just the name entered into the mail app.

Not I am not against another way to refer to safe names, as long as its simple and fits with the way people think of referring to other people and sites now-a-days

Anyhow I think I’ll leave it there till good simple ways to refer to names is suggested. I have been pretty clear to my objections to complex references and the use of domains

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Okay… so I think we need to be able to move forward here. As this is all taking a hell of a lot of valuable time (that’s not to say it’s not important, but just not where I’d nessecarily want to be spending that time right now while we are really in the thick of things!).

So how about a proposal to call the system Name Resolution System (accurate and agreeable, wouldn’t you say?), and then we can leave the door open to a useful user-centred descriptor to go before the name part as and when it becomes required by the UX design. And we can test this in context.

And perhaps in the mean time we can agree to keep it internally codenamed as Public Names?

There are a bunch of other elements to all this still up in the air at the moment, but once they have shaken out a bit, we can perhaps see it all with more clarity, and make a better choice.

What say yee?


NRS is the chosen by 55% of voters so based on that I’d agree

Personally i think the public and APP developers will drive this. I’d suggest that its not forced by any core developer or by others. In my opinion it will develop organically, so keeping it simple for now would be best. Public Names, Safe Names, Safenet Names, Safenetwork Names or just Name are all good for the time being.


I like NRS if it is ‘Name Resolution Service’.
Otherwise, my last attempt, promise.

SNAP : Safe Network Address Protocol
SNAP : Secure Name Address Protocol
SNAP : SAFE Name, Address, Person
SNAP : Secure Name Access Protocol
SNAP : Safe Name Access Protocol

It’s a snap folks!

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I love that one the best until now!

Not the shortest but comes out very naturally

Oh wow. Hadn’t looked in here for a while. Would have loved to see this level of engagement from everyone in a topic like… for example… the entire SAFENetwork economy (just out of the blue) …

What is it I hear in the back of my head? B… bike- something?

Ah…! Bike shedding! :joy:

I read through the RFC… Will anyone be able to register any number of public names, where the cost is just a tiny amount to write the relevant data? Does this mean that when the network launches there will be a gold rush of name registration, people rushing to register all the common and short names like google/news/weather etc? How will trading of names be facilitated?

p.s. sorry if this has already been asked/answered/discussed


It’s an important issue and indeed has been discussed with various ideas on what to do about it. You’ll find those discussions mainly on the community forum but there is no clear, agreed solution to squatting AFAIK.


As we solidify the working of the rust fetch implementation, I’ve made a PR with some updates to the RFC: https://github.com/maidsafe/rfcs/pull/338

Main things are:

  • A name change!? :open_mouth: :peanuts:
  • data type updates to bring us in line with the modern SAFE Data types
  • a requirement for NRS map links to be versioned.

More detail on all that in the PR.


Is AOD (MutableData) an abbreviation? If yes: which is it? And maybe it is useful to add that to the rfc?

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AOD would be AppendOnlyData.
MutableData is shortened MD.

It seems the MDs were switched out for AODs, but the text here

I’m using MutableData ( AOD )

was left with MutableData, when it should say AppendOnlyData.

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Ah, good spot. Will fix that in the PR thanks @draw @oetyng :bowing_man: