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I have managed to make a simple main.js which requests authorization, passes the token into a variable then creates a directory.
I am using this as var endpoint = ‘http://localhost:8100/nfs/directory/drive/websites/’;
My program logs directory created to my console but I cant see the directory when browsing my drive with the demo app.

Am i using the correct root directory?


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I think I’m reproducing the same issue, or I’m also confused.
I created a couple of folders on my “drive”, one public and one private, I can see them both when doing a GET, but the demo app (v0.6.1) still doesn’t list them.

This is what I executed from Postman:
1- POST http://{{safe-launcher}}/nfs/directory/drive/test2
200 OK

2- GET http://{{safe-launcher}}/nfs/directory/drive/test2
“info”: {
“name”: “test2”,
“metadata”: “”,
“isPrivate”: true,
“isVersioned”: false,
“createdOn”: “2016-10-13T23:56:18.136Z”,
“modifiedOn”: “2016-10-13T23:56:18.136Z”
“subDirectories”: [],
“files”: []

Moreover, shouldn’t I be seeing the other folders I created thru the Demo App when created a service?
I do see them if I use the DNS API but they are not listed when I use the NFS API.
What I mean is, using the Demo App, I created a service called “site” which is mapped to a public folder called “site-service” (I assume the parent folder /public doesn’t/shouldn’t exist even that the Demo App shows it as “/public/site-service”, right?). But if I try a GET http://{{safe-launcher}}/nfs/directory/drive/site-service it returns:
“errorCode”: -1502,
“description”: “FfiError::PathNotFound”

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I just realised the Demo App doesn’t request any permission to the Launcher, so I’m then guessing it reads/writes the files in its “app” sandbox folder, and that would explain why we don’t see the files in our “drive”, is this correct?

Hello @guybrows ,

and welcome to the dev forum!

That is correct. The reason you can’t see the that information in the demo app is because it only uses its sandbox right now, rather than the public space (there is a huge discussion here whether that is the “correct behaviour though”).


Cheers. I ll read up on sandbox.

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