Safe_app_nodejs ffi error

I’m trying to setup some app tests on my new machine. For some reason, I’m getting errors related to FFI bindings (using a local version of safe_app_nodejs):

Node 7.10 / mac:

Uncaught Error: Dynamic Symbol Retrieval Error: dlsym(0x7fccfe474a20, test_create_app): symbol not found at DynamicLibrary.get (/Users/josh/Projects/safe/forks/safe_app_nodejs/node_modules/ffi/lib/dynamic_library.js:112:11)

Seems to be an ffi lib issue. Has anyone come up against something similar?

That’s because the safe_client libs you are using is not built with the testing features, i.e. if you are building the safe_client libs yourself make sure to do it with --features='testing use-mock-routing'

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I knew there was something I missed.

@bochaco was this in the docs before? Or I guess I’d just found it on here somewhere. Either way thanks. That’ll get me back up and running there.

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I don’t see it in the client libs README, perhaps it can be added at some point.

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