safe_auth error: Failed to log in

Unexpected error
and with browser running mock and logged in ok
but with the same:

$ cd ./safe-authenticator-cli
$ cargo run --features mock-network -- --daemon 41805
    Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 9.72s
     Running `target/debug/safe_auth --daemon 41805`
[2019-06-15T14:03:39Z ERROR safe_auth] safe_auth error: Failed to log in: CoreError(Serialisation error - CoreError::EncodeDecodeError -> Deserialise(Custom("deserialized bytes don\'t encode a group element")))


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H @davidpbrown, that’s because the auth CLI and safe-cli cannot read the same mockfile format as the browser/alpha2 apps, so just remove the mockvault file from (/tmp/MockVault if linux), and try again to create an account with auth CLI, it should be fine.