Safe browser auth request pop-up error



I told you before:

I can’t get to step 3.
Authorising the safe_hosting_manager does not make the public ID page appear.


I see the confusion. To clarify what I was working on in this thread:

The program that you compiled from,, is an electron app meant solely to be packaged for running natively on desktop and interfacing with the network using safe_app_nodejs.

You want to create a website to upload to the network, interfacing with the SAFE API that’s made available on the global window object. See docs here:

I see the issue you raised here:

I only have one computer at home, for now, running Windows, so I can’t yet test what’s happening on Arch Linux.

My first question to start the hunt for this problem is how Linux handles registration of URI’s?
On Windows, I can open regedit to view and edit all URI application schemes.

I’ll start digging into this question soon…


I had the same error on Linux, but I made it work on Windows, if you have access to that: