Safe Browser Caching

I notice from looking at the network view in the developer tools that there isn’t much in the way of caching going on. Is this just because it is an early version of the browser (i.e. to be implemented) or is it more a limitation of the Safe Network in general?

Can we make use of 304 (not modified) style caching too, where just a check on the file for changes is made (based on date modified, hash, etc)? A combination of 304s for dynamic content with max-age caching for static content (images, css, etc) should be pretty potent.

With good caching in place, I suspect many pages would feel relatively quick compared with the clear net browsers. Once you have the CSS and the index pages cached, you are then only pulling through the actual, new/updated, content.

Anyway, I’m sure it is all in hand and in progress, but I just wondered about this and wanted to ask the question.

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Fair Qs. Nothing, over and above the network level caching has been implemented in any way specific for the SAFE Browser as things stand. The electron webview should do some caching (as a normal browser), but I haven’t scoped this out at all yet.

We’ll have to be careful how we approach this though (when we do). We don’t want to leave any ‘safe’ traces on the user’s machine.

But yeh, certainly we should be looking at what we can do here aye!