Safe Browser Dev Updates (@v0.4.2)



are you not supporting Windows anymore for the SAFE Browser? The last 3 releases haven’t had windows versions


lol also the thing that makes me pound my fist thru the table every time I use the browser is the Ctrl+W command KILLS THE WHOLE BROWSER PROCESS UGH sorry I just KEEP RUNNING INTO THIS always :stuck_out_tongue:

Ctrl+W is supposed to be a handy tool for closing individual tabs, and almost every single browser I’ve ever had does it this way, please address it’s a little tiny huge gigantic thing that keeps popping up for me :stuck_out_tongue:


@WhiteOutMashups doh. Sorry. The last three are pre-releases. I’ve been mad busy at work and have fired off the builds but I still need to manually trigger appveyor deploy. My bad. I’ll get the latest windows release up for you NOW.


Well, windows is available here now:

Looks like linux failed there.

Ctrl-W Hell eh. I can look at this along with @happybeing’s request for a shortcut probably the weekend :thumbsup:


can we get the fix where Ctrl+W stops killing the entire Browser program plz?

I keep running into that every day :stuck_out_tongue:

#108 :slight_smile:

That should do it. Cmd/CrtlQ for quitting