Safe_browser yarn start error - solved

I don’t know git well enough but had the impression that there is a stable and branches off that are development; so, I’m always surprised when I can’t just follow instructions and build without error.

On the back of finding thought I’d take another look at that. So, looking then at building the safe_browser.


Linux Mint 18.1
npm 5.3.0
yarn 1.0.2
node v8.4.0

I get to

yarn start

and wonder that is before “Package the SAFE Browser for production:”… but all is well until
the browser pops up ok but with an error as below:


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yarn start will set NODE_ENV=dev, can you please try again making sure you install the dependencies with NODE_ENV=dev yarn first?

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Thanks - that works…

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That did it :slight_smile:

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