Safe CLI crashed when trying


$ safe networks 
Well, this is embarrassing.

sn_cli had a problem and crashed. To help us diagnose the problem you can send us a crash report.

We have generated a report file at "/tmp/report-d9eae054-1e00-4b67-bccb-fa72bfb72706.toml". Submit an issue or email with the subject of "sn_cli Crash Report" and include the report as an attachment.

- Authors: bochaco <>, Josh Wilson <>

We take privacy seriously, and do not perform any automated error collection. In order to improve the software, we rely on people to submit reports.

Thank you kindly!

I think that’s due to a fix we are bringing in in a new version of sn_client which is to disable IGD from qp2p for clients. Thus, I assume you are building from master and updated your dependencies to get this crash?

If so, just simply don’t update your dependencies and use Cargo.lock file that is committed in the repo.


It’s build from the latest releases, not master.

So you mean from a tag? if so then the same thing. The Cargo.lock file is for that, to fix to specific versions, if you updated them then probably this happened, although it won’t happen once all dependencies have v1+ as semver is checked for updating.

Yes, from the latest tags.
Which Cargo.lock? From sn_api?

Do you I need to copy that to sn_api/sn_cli when building?

cd ~/safe/sn_api/sn_cli 
cargo build --release --features=simulated-payouts -- 

You shouldn’t need to do anything, just make sure that file wasn’t changed as you don’t need to change it, just build whichever crate from that repo, it’s at the root of the repo: sn_api/Cargo.lock at master · maidsafe/sn_api · GitHub

Fixed in sn_cli 0.19.1.

Beware you’ll have issues with that release of CLI with latest sn-node 0.26.16, there is an upcoming release of sn-node soon though.

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I can’t even run sn_node 0.26.16 at the moment.

You should stay with CLI v0.19.0 to run node 0.26.16.

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