Safe_client_libs example aborts !?

Never quite sure if github Master copy is always expected to run smoothly… but then expecting that master might be stable around the time of putting out Test15, I just tried to compile the example simulate_browser but get an abort error at runtime.

It compiles fine but at trying to create an account, it fails… and I’m no expert at reading the runtime errors.

Is this expected or am I doing something wrong?
I simply did ~

git clone
cd ./safe_client_libs
cargo build --example simulate_browser
cd ./target/debug/examples

Trying to create an account ...
thread 'main' panicked at '

!   unwrap! called on Result::Err                                              !
examples/,16 in simulate_browser

    Operation aborted - CoreError::OperationAborted

', /home/davidpbrown/.cargo/registry/src/


Do you have the correct config file (named <binary_name>.crust.config) next to the binary you are running ?

…I do now! Thanks. :slight_smile:

However, option 7 [Parse URL] as a simple test doesn’t appear to work against urls that are valid in the usual browser, whether those are put as safe:hello or safe://hello or with service safe:www.hello safe://www.hello.

I get more often

| ERROR !! DnsError::CoreError -> No such data - CoreError::GetFailure::{ reason: NoSuchData, data_id: Structured(f69ee4…, 5)}

or otherwise

| ERROR !! DnsError::Unexpected::{“Malformed Url !!”}

Should this example work against the current network for DNS requests?.. I was hoping to de-construct it to a simple call for urls matching then whatever the new form of request must be - which I guess resolves to webFetch in come form.

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