safe create not working again. node version 0.25.39. ClientError - Response not received: read error



sn_cli: 0.17.2
sn_node: 0.25.39
sn_launch_tool: 0.0.13
sn_auth: 0.0.15
Operating System: 5.4.81-1-MANJARO-ARM aarch64



node run-baby-fleming --ip my.lan.ip.address
auth start
auth create --test-coins


Sending request to authd to create a Safe...
Safe was created successfully!



Sending request to authd to create a Safe...
[2021-01-28T11:56:08Z ERROR safe] sn_cli error: [Error] AuthdClientError - [Error] ClientError - Response not received: read error

I just gave it a try and couldn’t reproduce it. As we did before, check authd logs to see what issue your authd may be having?

Also, check your authd is running and responding with $ safe auth status

Also, try to run CLI with RUST_LOG=sn_api=debug safe auth create --test-coins to get additional info.


For some reason, it now just hangs.

 Sending request to authd to create a Safe...
[2021-01-29T09:15:47Z DEBUG sn_api::api::authd_client::authd_client_api] Attempting to create a Safe using remote authd...
[2021-01-29T09:15:47Z INFO  sn_api::api::common] Sending 'create' request to SAFE Authenticator on https://localhost:33000 ...

And do you see in authd logs? you always need to check that otherwise there is no way you can tell why CLI is not getting a response, or if the request is seen reaching authd.

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Updated to sn_node 0.25.40, still getting the same error.
I see Could not deserialize MessageEnvelope errors in the logs.

Node v0.25.39 is compatible with the CLI and authd versions you are using.

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0.25.40 is not?

No, some changes were made to the messages types that we need to adapt to, so keep using 0.25.39.


Alright, retested it and it works.
I don’t know what went wrong, because before it didn’t work.

Ah - wish I had known that - rolling back

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