SAFE DevCon 2018

The big day is finally here! Today the MaidSafe team as well as community developers from across the globe will descend on Ayr Racecourse for our first European Developer Conference, SAFE DevCon 2018. The day is jam packed full of sessions on the Network itself as well as some exciting projects from our community. The agenda for the day is as follows.

Follow all of the action on this livestream and feel free to ask questions in this thread. We will try and get as many answered as possible throughout the day.


@SarahP mentioned during Devcon18 that the numbers on this forum weren’t great and this thread probably reflects that. Takes nothing away from what I witnessed on the stream…great info and a sense that the objectives are in clear sight.

Like David said, Bitcoin was good for this project…and the challenge now for the Marketing team is to harness that crypto enthusiasm.

Frustrating to know, you have the best solution and a pool of enthusiastic talent working in a parallel universe (blockchain).

I’m starting to think it has to come from the technical side…a direct challenge…a hyped up battle of the transaction…Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

Put out the challenge, Maidsafe versus whoever in a challenge of technical prowess.


I really liked the video. It’d be nice if it were broken up into smaller videos, but no biggy!

Always great to hear Mr.Irvine’s voice on the project.


I think that the individual talks will be made available as stand-alone videos. Will confirm tomorrow.


Someone put links for the different talks at least already


Hey @mnoster, just to confirm - the individual videos are bring worked on and will be uploaded within the next few days to make it easier for people to find the ones they want to watch


Each of the sessions can now be viewed on our YouTube channel as individual videos. The whole day can be viewed through this playlist: