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The discover page is reeeeally glitchy when scrolling on iOS.


Hi @Nigel - thanks for the report (not the most detailed I’ve ever read tbh :wink:).

I’ll have a look at it on my iPad (if the ancient thing starts up) and see if I get the same issues.

We’ve been logging the reports but not had a lot of time to concentrate on DevHub recently. I’m hoping to start to change that soon (should start to see things over the course of July now).

Keep jotting down anything you would like to see here.

All the best,


Haha only the best from me. Yeah I’m not sure how descriptive I could make it. I have an iPad I can try it on but even better, maybe I could take a screen recording for you to show you the behavior if that is helpful?


I managed to get a shovel or two of coal into the old iPad and I was getting some strange scrolling/jumping around the place like it was tweaking on 15 double-espressos.
I’ll update here when I (or one of my better looking colleagues) has it sorted.