SAFE Drive - mount your SAFE storage as virtual drive

I’ve begun developing a SAFE virtual drive based on FUSE. You can follow my progress by ‘watching’ the repo here (mostly I will work in the development branch):

Help Welcome

This will be slow with just me. @bzee has already helped a lot, as have others who helped test the safe-cli-boilerplate on which this is based. More help welcome here, particularly if you know Nodejs and want to dabble with the SAFE API. Quite a bit of this can easily be packaged into separate tasks I think.

If you want help with:

It’s fine with me if you are working on a different SAFE VFS with FUSE (or something related) and want to mention that or ask questions here. Longer discussions can be spun off into their own topics.

Current status (tested with mock network):

v0.0.3: when run under node, auths with SAFE Browser, mounts a drive at ~/SAFE which fakes a few files (ie these are not really in SAFE Network) as follows.

export NODE_ENV=dev
node bin.js

Then, in another terminal:

$ cd ~/
$ ls -l SAFE
drwxr-xr-x 1 mrh mrh 1234 Jun 12 21:41 one
-rw-r--r-- 1 mrh mrh 1234 Jun 12 21:41 three
-rw-r--r-- 1 mrh mrh 1234 Jun 12 21:41 two
$ tree SAFE
├── one
│   ├── five
│   ├── four
│   └── happybeing
├── three
└── two

1 directory, 5 files
$ sudo umount ~/SAFE

Update: as of v0.0.3 this works as a packaged executable (only tested on Linux) fixing issue #1.


You know Mark this will be one of the biggies for the safe network. It should allow so many native programs to use safe as storage rather than disk or NAS hopefully without any modifications or workarounds.


No pressure then :slight_smile:


let me know how I can help.

not too hot (yet) with nodejs but getting better

I suggest we go to a new topic (others are welcome to join in there - see my reply to this post).

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