safe-vault package for Ubuntu unavailable

Tasked with providing suggestions for some VERY secure storage, I decided to revisit safe vaults with a view to running a network of 20-30 in a small datacenter.
Unfortunately it seems the safe-vault package is unavailable from the Ubuntu repo.
I raised issue #676 under username trecement.


Yes, I’ve been able to replicate this issue. Adding the repos linked to from the installer read me does not seem to add the safe-vault package. (It does add the other packages mentioned, browser etc…)

The team are aware of it and hopefully we will resolve this soon but in the meantime if you want to try running safe-vault the alternative is to directly download it from the release page:

There is a how to set up a local test network to try it out here:


Thanks - yes I had found that release page but was unsure how up-to-date it was.
I’m using it now and can start the initial vault with the -f flag but for now cannot get other vaults in separate terminals on the same box to connect.

willie@gagarin:~/projects/maidsafe/safe-vault/target/release$ ./safe_vault -f
I 19-02-13 15:02:17.290893

Running safe_vault v0.18.0
I 19-02-13 15:02:18.325097 Node(497ec4..()) Started a new network as a seed node.
I 19-02-13 15:02:18.325348 Created chunk store at /tmp/safe_vault_chunk_store.bnrjfBAVjeOU with capacity of 2147483648 bytes.

and in another terminal

willie@gagarin:~/projects/maidsafe/safe-vault/target/release$ ./safe_vault 
I 19-02-13 15:03:39.345635 

Running safe_vault v0.18.0
I 19-02-13 15:03:40.372628 Created chunk store at /tmp/safe_vault_chunk_store.jaoZ6mz2Nrrf with capacity of 2147483648 bytes.
I 19-02-13 15:03:41.373200 Bootstrapping(f4a6ad..) Failed to bootstrap. Terminating.

More reading to do tonight to figure out what simple mistake I am making unless anyone can spot it now

All I needed to do to get it running was to add a random service_discovery port to safe_vault.crust.config
“service_discovery_port”: 44444,

On a 16Gb i5 I could easily start over 100 instances of safe_vault and observe section splits on one machine.

Next step - actually connect to this home network. I’m guessing I’ll need to change some values in safe-browser-v0.11.1-linux-x64/safe-browser.crust.config
I’m NOT using the dev version because this is a REAL network I am connecting
to - right?


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seems @Mindphreaker has a git repo for the Windows folks - some hints to be had there which I maybe should have read before posting - but we’ll get there…

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