Safe Web example API doesn't load properly

The safe-web-api doesn’t seem to be loading css styles correctly. I have tried the api from both the master and playground3.0 branch on github, and followed the instructions on the page, but the result is the same. Here is an example of what my safe-web-api looks like:

Hi Sansy,

I’ve made a fresh clone, install, and build just now without seeing style issue.
My steps:

  • git clone
  • cd safe_examples
  • git checkout -b playground3-0 origin/playground3-0
  • cd safe_web_api_playground\
  • yarn
  • yarn gulp

Right click and inspect element, what do you see in the console?
Any significant output in your terminal?

Thanks, I figured out that the version of Yarn I had was quite old. Removing it and reinstalling the latest version using ‘npm install yarn’ fixed the issue.

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