SafeBrowser not reloading its cache

I’m creating a safe site with the mock network. I use the command : python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3004 to serve my site.

After a moment, all the changes I make to a .js file aren’t updated in the SafeBrowser anymore. Using “Hard reload” in the browser doesn’t fix the problem. Restarting the browser or the web server doesn’t fix it either. The file used by the browser remains the old one. The only way I can get around it is to create a new .js file and copy the content into it…

I don’t know if the problem is with the browser or the web server or something else. But what is strange is that it works for a certain amount of time, then it doesn’t work anymore.

I suspect it might be something with the simple python web server, but I really don’t know.

Anyone got an idea?

Did you try restarting the web server - maybe it has it’s own cache?

Yeah, didn’t work. I think you also use the mock network right, do you use a web server to serve your site?

EDIT: I switch my web server to nginx and I have the same behavior. Html file reload correctly, it’s just js that are stuck.

I’m not able to use mock - currently blocked by a bug in electron which means the browser view crashes and displays as black, but… yes, I run ‘ws’ (installed on Linux).

But for now I’m just testing on the live network.

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