possible rename?

I was used to typing and it’s a hard switch, but making do

This dev forum ( is eerily similar, and sounds pretty connected to and kind of messes with my head while I try to make the mental switch

Wondering if it might be messing with anyone else, and if would be a better perfect match for the current ?

Is available to buy / integrate? Seems clean when entered in

side note, target="_blank" doesn’t seem to be working on links here, it’s like every link on this dev forum forces you to switch your whole page to that link. No new tab option, which I inject manually very frequently into the safenetforum links, for people’s ease of use

Is this possible on this forum also? it’s the same Discourse software, right @frabrunelle ?

Remembered seeing this in the safenetwork-forum:

We are running on the Business plan of and we pay $100/month (instead of $200/month) since we are an open source project. We currently have around 500k API requests / pageviews per month. If we get double or triple that, we might have to move their Enterprise plan :stuck_out_tongue:
The Dev Forum is currently hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet with 2GB of RAM. It has a lot of less traffic compared to this forum so that’s why it may feel faster. For example, the Dev Forum currently has around 3500 API requests / pageviews per week while this forum has about 115 000 API requests / pageviews per week…

Thanks but I’m having trouble seeing the relevance of that,

I was asking about the domain name we’re using, and the new tab function

You noticed a difference in behaviour. If there is one it is also more likely if the setup is tuned differently. Very unlikely within the same hosting environment?

Hi @WhiteOutMashups and thanks for bringing this up:

we’ve actually had long discussions about this exact topic and I am happy to share what the final agreement was about. itself is the place where we want to grow a developer communinity, people building software to run on or with SAFE and to be directly working on SAFE itself. For that the domain will host introduction materials, in depth documentation, but also presenation and workshops you can give (and potentially a newsletter at some point). As such, it of course, needs a community forum and the question was whether we want to make this part of the existing one or start a new one. Eventually it boiled down to banal problems in organsing moderation structures which prevented us from integrating them and we settled for starting a new one.

As it is supposed to become “your one-stop-shop for software development for SAFE”, we settled on the forum-subdomain. I understand that this is inconsistent with the domain, but it integrates nicer in the overall software-dev-strategy – which was more important to us. (Further more I understand that “SAFE net” has a trademark issue, so we might have to move that name in the future anyways). I hope this makes it a little clearer and easier to understand.

As a side note, I completly see the confusion about this during this transition period. But as you’ve probably noticed already the team makes the developer-concerning topics (like posting and discussing RFCs) already exclusively available on here. So more and more of these topics will only be discussed here and it will become “natural” in which forum to find what – at least that’s what I hope will happen :wink: .


Sounds good, thanks for explaining.

Would be available?

Just wondering for consistency’s sake. Not a big deal though, thanks for the detailed explanation

EDIT: oh Nevermind, the trademarking. Gotcha

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