Section version incrementation

Latest dev update contains a link to an nice diagram showing the results of a simulation.

The problem I see in the simulation is that the section version is incremented each time a new member is added or removed, while in reality it is only incremented when a split or a merge occurs (at least on routing master branch).

I am signaling this discrepancy, just to be sure that Maidsafe is aware of it when assessing the alternatives for data chain implementation.


I think this diagram is the preliminary test for the next datachain (at least the sections part) and this probes are, for the moment, outside the master branch.

Check this link:


Yes this is correct. Master atm does not follow the rules required to allow this option B to happen. Master at the moment uses section versions in a much more specific role (for own section updates). Option B formalises this a bit though.

Thanks for your ever keen eye though, much appreciated.