Sketch of an email design

At the moment the work is progressing to bring the network into a working long term state.

As to answering the questions I am not the best person to ask. Maybe @bochaco or @joshuef might be one to help

I understand, thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

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Isn’t it simply a qp2p mechanism? Is there any possibility to establish such connections and exchange p2p messages between clients on app level? (as opposed to client/node/network level) That would be also great for video or voice communication.

But it seems qp2p is usable only when both clients are online, and after that we probably still would have to write data to the network?

Do you mean keypairs? Or some account info stored under a xor address? What technically are these IDs? Are there any docs/rfcs on this?

At the lowest level, yes a keypair.

And then these are used to identify different things. Your account for instance. A mail “address” to send to. A wallet ID, a send payment to address. As i am sure you already know

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