Solid Decentralised Chess

I’m seeing a steady flow of developers arriving at the Solid community and creating decent apps in no time. People at various levels are diving in and creating interesting stuff using still relatively poorly documented rdflib.js etc. It’s impressive and building momentum. They solve problems together on authorisation, access control, ontologies etc by asking and sharing, again very quickly. It is impressive.

One is this chess app, which I’m posting about because the dev has produced a detailed diagram of how the app interacts with different pods to facilitate a multi-user game.

The diagrams are great! I think they show how easy it will be for us to provide a compatibility layer which allows any Solid app to run on SAFE. Given the value of Solid as an approach and the momentum they already have, I would like that to be our priority. I’m also concerned that they are wedded to a server based approach with alternative server based backends, and may not be interested in integrating with SAFE at all. So we should continue our efforts for collaboration, and also work on it alone.

Anyway, take a look at these diagrams


I would love to collaborate with you on this idea. However, would love to start on a simpler game on top of the SAFE network before progressing on to chess. Are you interested?

I’m not working on things like this now, but it would be great if you want to pick this up.