State of the Java bindings and lib(s)?

As I understand bindgen is merged into master. Does that mean that now we can easily generate binding code for java (if yes, how, is there a short step-by-step tutorial)?
@Krishna, @nbaksalyar



This is correct. You can use this repository that has the bindings: Strictly speaking, bindgen is just a technicality: it is required to automate the mundane part of work – the functions and structures definitions, JNI wrapper functions, etc.

The linked repository contains the high-level Java interface and that’s what you should use.

However, there are still minor bugs left to be fixed – @lionel.faber is currently working on covering all the basic functions with tests and I help him to fix the discovered issues.

As I understand it, we’ll publish it to the Dev Hub as soon as we’ll be ready. For the time being, you can refer to the readme file in the safe_app_java repository.

Overall, I think we’re pretty close to the production release.
I’ll keep posting news to this topic. :slight_smile: