Store/modify operations when authenticating app with own_container

I noticed, that everytime I authenticate my app two modification operations occure. I experimented a little bit with the auth methods of the web API and found out that this only happens if I authenticate an app with own_container: true.

Btw.: I don’t mean the first time I authenticate (there it’s clear that many modification operations have to take place) but successive authentications after the first one. Each auth call costs 2 modify operations where I can’t see why this should be necessary. Could this be a bug?

Reproduceable with this test app: safe://lol/test.html

Here is my auth code:

async function auth() {
	let appHandle = await window.safeApp.initialise({
    	name: 'TestApp2',
    	id: 'mindphreaker.testapp2',
    	version: '0.1.2',
    	vendor: 'Company XY',
	let authURI = await window.safeApp.authorise(appHandle, {
    	_public: ['Read', 'Insert', 'Delete', 'ManagePermissions'],
    	_publicNames: ['Read', 'Insert', 'Delete', 'ManagePermissions']
    }, {own_container: true});
	await window.safeApp.connectAuthorised(appHandle, authURI);
    console.log('handle: ' + appHandle);