Strange bug with Demo App on Linux

Do we have a category here for bugs? If not:…

Using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS I get this bug whenever I try to upload a folder with the Demo App.

It starts uploading, and it says I have about 18x more files than I ever do, so for a 4 file folder it says uploading 1/72, and if it’s a folder with 9 files it says uploading 1/162 etc. Then I tried uploading a folder with 1 file and it said uploading 1/4 files.

IDK what this is but it’s only on Ubuntu so far for me so I thought I’d report it.

Also, the download stops forever once you get a few files in.

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Thanks for raising this up. However, not able to reproduce this one :frowning: . Tried into the public and priv sections. alpha-1 network.

Are these just standard files you’ve got in the folder? maybe symlinks or some other file types causing this issue. Can you maybe provide a sample of a folder you’re having this issue with to try and help us reproduce the issue please.

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Ok will do, i’ll try to look for hidden / system files. But I did make brand new folders and had the same problem with them, but I’ll get it going again and take more pictures / search for hidden files

Also, do we have a bug category?