Svelte Web component framework

How have you got on with Svelte Willie?

I haven’t had chance to try myself yet, so just interested to hear from anyone who has. I keep reading good reports about it on twitter.

Last week, Rich Harris put up a 3D demo showing his integration of OpenGL. Really neat.

UPDATE: Hey, @southside I’ve started a svelte project. So far there is no SAFE specific code in it, but it might help get you started with something running in SAFE Browser. See:

UPDATE2: I’ve added the code from the SAFE Web App Tutorial and it works, although you can only see this using the debugger as there is no UI yet.

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@happybeing you may want to have also look at the imba language, if you are checking out new frameworks.

I find their precompiling approach very compelling. Has a tidy and short syntax.

There are some impressive projects, like:

I never used it yet, but like to get started with it.

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Thanks @swiesend, I’ve not heard of imba. Maybe this deserves a new topic? Suggest you post it again and it can have its own discussion.

sure @happybeing , here

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I like it, I like it a lot :slight_smile:


SAFE Svelte Demo

I’ve created a Svelte project based on the SAFE Web App Tutorial, with UI taken from the 7gui’s CRUD svelte example.

This demo is not intended for use so quirky rather than slick, and is live on alpha2 at safe://crud.svelte for anyone interesting in playing with it:

It is compact: just 32K spread across five files! (Or 96K in seven files if you include the source maps for debugging).

Clone the repo to see how to create an all using Svelte and the SAFE API:


Awesome! Oh man… If someone wrote a little online shop (app - enabling everyone to sell and buy) with it (maybe even using 2 party trustless escrow grabbing the public Adress data from Web ids :scream: :hugs:) that would be pretty huge!
(and if the resulting data is being exported into a file and importable again [and not only stored on safe] even if one party in the current test net runs out of puts a real online shop would be possible :thinking:)

A pity my time is so limited…


Thanks for this, im search any equal for the web, intuitive and simple.

Just added to the OP:

XSLT has been doing this for over 20 years. Svelte is just another JS framework that offers nothing new.
You should take a look at Saxon-JS:

Hi Martynas,


I don’t know enough about sveltjs to rebut that but I’m not sure it is true. For example, how about sveltjs’ binding variables (I’m not sure it that’s the right term or if I can explain it) but it seems important in ensuring that when data changes, just the code that is needed runs to update the representation. Also Sapper etc. But I’ve yet to dig in, and it is 20 years since I was using XSLT so can’t say I know it well enough either.

I’d love to see it explored - they have a very helpful and responsive community on their discord so maybe post there?

I’ll leave your Docker post for someone else as I understand that even less! Great to see you here, it would be good to understand XSLT better and how it might solve these kind of problems.


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I asked Martynas about this on Twitter, hey presto a short thread. Comments anyone? (Here or our on Twitter).

Sveltejs just gets better. Even with my meagre knowledge I was able to demo and explain the code of a basic Sveltejs app to my local JavaScript meet last night. And today this:

It reminds me of when I discovered SAFE Network, the more I learn the better it gets.

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Just watched the talk over over, interesting stuff!

I enjoy the simplicity its bringing here. May well give this a whirl for whatever next wee side thing comes along!

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Sveltejs even has ants :ant:!

Blimey, it gets better…


Starter template for Svelte apps with Rust Rocket Server.

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Svelte won an award! :partying_face:

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Another enthusiastic discoverer of Svelte, and he wrote this quick intro which is very nice:

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Svelte with RDF and LinkedData

I had a few problems using different RDF JS libs with Svelte so I made a repo with some working examples.

Here are some example Svelte components, one using each of Comunica/LDFlex, rdflib.js, Rdfjs and graphy. Very simple, but may help you get started:

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IBM are using Svelte to build a component framework: