Svelte Web component framework

Just watched the talk over over, interesting stuff!

I enjoy the simplicity its bringing here. May well give this a whirl for whatever next wee side thing comes along!

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Sveltejs even has ants :ant:!

Blimey, it gets better…


Starter template for Svelte apps with Rust Rocket Server.

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Svelte won an award! :partying_face:

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Another enthusiastic discoverer of Svelte, and he wrote this quick intro which is very nice:

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Svelte with RDF and LinkedData

I had a few problems using different RDF JS libs with Svelte so I made a repo with some working examples.

Here are some example Svelte components, one using each of Comunica/LDFlex, rdflib.js, Rdfjs and graphy. Very simple, but may help you get started:

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IBM are using Svelte to build a component framework: