Swagger for Safe Launcher API

Hey guys,

have you every thought about integrating/documenting the safe launcher api with swagger?

The biggest advantage i can see would be the automatic client generation in almost all programming languages/frameworks. Example: http://editor.swagger.io/#/

Worth a bounty proposal if you are not doing it internally?


Yes, we have. We’ve also been looking into API Blueprint and RAML and we were investigating whether those could be auto-generated from the API. As per documentation itself, we’ve found all of them lacking in at least a few aspects but almost all fall short in regards of adaptability on the design of the rendered stuff. But the auto-discovery-part is definitely super interesting.

However, as we might be doing major changes to the infrastructure on this soon, we’ve postponed the decision about this and decided to stick with a hand-written markdown-source for the time being. It also makes other aspects, like translation, much easier.

But, yes, we have it on the radar.


Hi Ben,

thanks for your reply - it’s really good to hear, that it is on the radar.

Personally, as developer, i would prefer an up-to-date, auto-created API-Client in my specific programming framework (angular1/2, C#) to a perfectly designed documentation. But let’s see what you have in the pipeline - if there’s anything community devs could help on, please let me know.