The Data Transfer Project (DTP)

This topic is for developers wishing to incorporate DTP into their SAFE Network apps, or who wish to make use of DTP to import data such as contacts and social graphs from other apps and services.

Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft have said they will implement DTP, so this is a potentially very useful feature for SAFE Network adoption.



  • Introducing Data Transfer Project: an open source platform promoting universal data portability (Google Announcement, July 20th, 2018)
  • Facebook, Google and more unite to let you transfer data between apps (Techcrunch, July 20, 2018)
  • “This is well worth your attention - especially if you are concerned about saving your valuable digital information” ~ Vinton G Cerf (Twitter, July, 20th 2018)

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DTP github discussions advocating a more federated or decentralised approach including semantic web ( and Solid:

  • Decentralized identity and user-centric personal data stores #490

  • Integrate with #306

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DTP appears to be favoring Distributed ID (DID) over WebID atm, though the two can probably be tied together based on some discussion just now in the Solid chat (see link below).

The chat also gives some details of the differences, and how Manu came to leave the WebID fold in 2010 and proceeded to create DID and JSON-LD instead, in part due to social differences.

Anyway, the discussion follows my question about the relationship beteen WebID and DID here (Manu is not present, but he and Dimitri who is, both work for OpenBazaar):

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