Unexpected (probably a logic error): Could not connect to the SAFE Network

Hi Folks,

I’m running on Alpha 2 and trying to fire up the latest version of browser and web-hosting-manager but getting the following order when trying to permission it:

Unexpected (probably a logic error): Could not connect to the SAFE Network

Any ideas?

When I press view logs it says “Application not initialised” which it is.


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hey @msafe,

what version of the browser are you using? Safe Browser or Peruse?

Latest peruse is available here: https://github.com/joshuef/peruse/releases/tag/v0.4.1

If you’re still seeing an error with that version it should (hopefully) instruct you to check your IP matches against the one stored on http://invite.maidsafe.net.

That’s a usual culprit of this kind of error.

Let me know how you get on!

Thanks for the fast response!

Safe browser: Version 0.8.1 (
Web hosting manager Version 0.4.4 (
Peruse Version 0.4.1 (

When I try logging in with peruse I get “Account does not exist” (using the same credentials I logged into browser with ok) but also can’t create a new acc as the invite token is already claimed. IP is up to date on the invite page.

Hmmm, okay.

So there’s no difference in behaviour between the safe-browser or Peruse for you, right?

Or peruse allows the connection but then is giving you this account error (whereas safe browser throws the unknown connection).

You’re running the compiled version of the browser from the download link? Or building yourself?

If you’re able to double check your credentials against a previous working version that would also be swell.

If you’re running from the command line (depending on your OS) any environmental variables set could be having an effect (if you have NODE_ENV set, for example). You could end up running a mock environment, eg.

Other way around, can log in with safe browser but not peruse. I was running compiled versions.

Let me try that - thanks!

Same issue with peruse 0.4, will try an older one. Is there some password/secret obfuscation going on? I use a lot of special characters

Same issue with Version 0.3.1 (0.3.1)

Hmmm, no obfuscation going on. You should be able to see your password to check it’s valid.

Good to know it’s at least consistent within the peruse, and that you can login in the Safe Browser.

I’m not sure what would be causing a difference here (auth setup should be the same for both), but something is clearly going on…

What OS are you on, @msafe?

I’m running on 10.12.5 macOS Sierra, I can try updating

okay, i don’ think that’ll be it.

DMing @msafe [20chaaars]

Try using the non-mock version of the browser, that is what worked for me. I’m using the maidsafe browser version 0.9.0, not peruse.