Uploading files to network but the account status is limited

Previously I’ve upload a webpage to the SafeNet. However, I might need to modify some changes and the account status is 1000/1000. When I trying to use the new created account to upload to the same public name, it says the public name is already exist…

The question of mine is how can I reuse back the public name again with another account? Or is it possible to remove the previous created one and recreate another new one?

Unfortunately unless you delete the service entirely before you max out your 1000 PUT limit, then you won’t get it back until alpha 4 or network launch. Once we have testsafecoin or safecoin then we’ll just be able to spend safecoin to update as much as we want and republish to the same service but for now we only get limited invitation accounts on alpha 2 as a spam prevention method. Luckily you can ask mods on the safenetforum.org or possibly here for new invite tokens and create a new service for testing. Then just keep in mind to delete it before you reach 1000 because it takes some PUTS to delete the service with web hosting manager.

Let me know if this is clear or helps.

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@Nigel can you confirm this works, and using WHM to do the deletion? I didn’t think it was possible to delete a public name so never tried!

If I recall correctly, a public name is a MutableData with XOR = hash(name). An MD can’t be deleted. Also, its not possible to transfer ownership.


That’s what I thought, hence my question.


Apologies, you guys are right. I was mixing up republishing under the same name in my memory back when I would still have enough account balance left to do so. So perhaps best solution is publish under desired name and test the app on a separate account in hopes you will have enough account balance to republish on the original account. Either way the mods aren’t stindgy with invite tokens. It’s all just testing for now and don’t use the same service name you’d like to secure when the network launches so no one squats it.


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