Using iframe goes haywire

OS: Arch Linux
Browser: Peruse 0.6.0 webId-Builds
URL: safe://yropeen.yro2/#/whynot/english

I tried embedding a youtube video into my page the way it’s recommended on w3schools:


<iframe width="420" height="315"

What happens is that Peruse opens the youtube video over and over again if accessed via the dropdown menu or just reloads it page without doing anything if accessed directly.

Otherwise: You cannot open HTTP/S links in Peruse. They will (currently) trigger your default browser to open. (That said it should not be doing so continuously).

What version of Peruse are you using?

(Please provide such details as Peruse version and OS with any issues you’re having, it helps with debugging).

There was an issue similar to this in the master branch of Peruse. If you’re on the webId POC build, then that fix should be present.

You cannot open HTTP/S links in Peruse.

Would it be better to upload the youtube video then?

If you’re on the webId POC build

Is the POC build included with a dev version?
I like having a mock version of Peruse.


The POC build does not fix this issue.

Uploading to youtube wont help as that’s still HTTP/S, so you still wont be able to use them in Peruse… This is a more advanced version on the POC and is available in dev version also

I meant uploading the youtube video to the SAFE network.

Well yes, that would then be pulling from the safe network.

I’m not sure if just putting that as the src in an iframe will work though. I think you want an html5 video type element.

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