Using *only* routing (and dependencies) to create an independant overlay network. Possible?


I’ve already asked a similar question on the other forum, but after lots of reading I found it wasn’t exactly to the point, so I’ll ask a better one here.

How possible it is to create a network that relies on the routing crate (and its dependencies) to create an independent overlay network ? I don’t want the authenticator or storage technology nor the cryptocoins system, I just need the routing part with the secure connections.
I didn’t dig long through the routing crate but I found that it relies on the secrets being generated by the authenticator. Can I eliminate this dependency ? Can I generate secrets in the same format but using my own cryptographically secure generator ?

Please forgive my shallow understanding of the project.



Absolutely it is. If you wait for alpha 3 then this is exactly what you are looking for. Then you can create your own secure autonomous network.


Awesome! Do you have a road map I can refer to for an approximate date ?

I believe Alpha 3 is due once sections are implemented, and following the weekly development updates is the best guide to when that might be completed.