Using webIdManager with mock

@joshuef is the correct repo for me to clone: (I can’t find anything in Maidsafe repos)

And to use it with mock do I need to do anything special (e.g. set NODE_ENV=test)


2 Likes is what you’re after!

To use it with mock, in the browser just run with yarn dev, and in webid manager yarn start will load the server.

The browser in mock prepopulates the link in the webId Dropdown with the standard localhost port served by the webId app in dev mode.

That should get you going :+1: (no special ENV should be needed)


Note to others in the absence of README instructions:

To use SAFE WebID Manager with mock:

git clone
cd safe-web-id-manager-js
yarn && yarn build
yarn start

In SAFE Browser (dev build) turn on ‘Experimental APIs’ and visit http://localhost:1234 (or use the link in the WebID drop down).

BTW: yarn dev doesn’t exist!