Web Components: Good or Evil?

At first sight everyone loves Web Components, well I certainly did. Even if I never used them, I thought that if they make it easier to build for the web that’s a good thing. I’ve never created or used one yet, but listening to dev chatter I’m becoming wary of them.

For example Rich Harris (creator of rollup and Sveltejs) has written a bit about why he doesn’t use them (see second reply below). And today I see somebody is apoplectic about the Shadows Dom (see next).

So this is a topic to share the good and bad points of Web Components…


Somebody is not happy about the shadow DOM which from this I understand is to do with Web Components:

Rich Harris on Web Components…

Note that it is easy to create Web Components with Sveltejs, but here Rich explains why he chose not to make it so so by default, and why he doesn’t use them in general.