Web Hosting Manager Mock issue: Application not initialised.


Neither with beaker browser or peruse can I get Web Hosting Manager mock working.

Using version 0.6.0 for Peruse-dev and WHM-mock.
0.10.2 for safe-browser-mock.

I get this error:



Web hosting manager issue: Application not initialised.

You must be missing to set the env var NODE_ENV=dev when running the WHM.
For next release of WHM you hopefully won’t need to do that.


I added .env to my web-hosting-manager-mock directory containing:


and ran WHM-mock.
Same error.


I’m not aware of the way you are trying to do it, but if you are using linux you need to set it with export from the console.


Isn’t there a way to set this permanently or set it in the launcher?


This works for me as launcher command:

env NODE_ENV=dev /opt/Maidsafe/web-hosting-manager-mock/web-hosting-manager


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