Web Hosting Manager Mock issue: Application not initialised.

Neither with beaker browser or peruse can I get Web Hosting Manager mock working.

Using version 0.6.0 for Peruse-dev and WHM-mock.
0.10.2 for safe-browser-mock.

I get this error:



You must be missing to set the env var NODE_ENV=dev when running the WHM.
For next release of WHM you hopefully won’t need to do that.

I added .env to my web-hosting-manager-mock directory containing:


and ran WHM-mock.
Same error.

I’m not aware of the way you are trying to do it, but if you are using linux you need to set it with export from the console.

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Isn’t there a way to set this permanently or set it in the launcher?


This works for me as launcher command:

env NODE_ENV=dev /opt/Maidsafe/web-hosting-manager-mock/web-hosting-manager

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